Geospatial Solutions

GEOSPATIAL SOLUTIONS domain came into existence in the year 2013 to fulfil the initiative taken by Government of India to monitor water quality of various water sources. The domain was started to provide full capacity and availability to the government to achieve their mission of providing every rural person with safe water for drinking, cooking and other domestic needs on a sustain able basis. This domain works specifically on the water quality projects for government initially. Later on, this division was expanded into other projects like digital conversion of revenue maps/property maps and providing GIS based solutions to Urban Local Bodies, Point of interest mapping. Thus, its name was changed from WQM - GRM - GS. GS domain has successfully executed many projects in different states of India. Lately, this domain also spread its roots for NLRMP projects and also to Urban Local bodies for various states. Last year GS developed its expertise in Resource Mapping, Hydrological Mapping, Agriculture projects and also enhanced its capabilities in Photogrammetry.


DGPS Survey | Geo Referencing | Cadastral Mapping | Survey & Re-Survey | Data Integration | Application Development & Maintenance

Resource Mapping

Image Acquisition | Image Classification | Mapping | Field Visits | Data Updations | Water Contamination Mapping & DSS | Landuse Landcover | Soil mapping

Municipal GIS

Image Acquisition | Data Interpretation | Infrastructure Survey | Property Survey | Data Integration | Application Development


Network Survey | Consumer Survey | Data Integration | Data Maintenance for Telecom | Water | Electricity | Gas (Mapping using High resolution Satellite imagery)

Application Development

Artificial Recharge using GIS techniques | Watershed study and DPR preparation | Village security action plan