Geospatial Solutions

Current GIS technology solutions have moved from traditional desktop-based systems to modern solutions that use both service and cloud based platforms. As a specialist in GIS and Engineering services we have been serving clients with innovative and advanced GIS based solutions to global clients including corporate as well as government segments with a vision to enhance their efficiency and performance. The Geospatial Solutions domain focuses on services like Cadastre, Municipal GIS, Utilities GIS, Agri GIS, application development and other integrated solutions.


DGPS Survey | Geo Referencing | Cadastral Mapping | Survey & Re-Survey | Data Integration | Application Development & Maintenance

Resource Mapping

Image Acquisition | Image Classification | Mapping | Field Visits | Data Updations | Water Contamination Mapping & DSS | Landuse Landcover | Soil mapping

Municipal GIS

Image Acquisition | Data Interpretation | Infrastructure Survey | Property Survey | Data Integration | Application Development


Network Survey | Consumer Survey | Data Integration | Data Maintenance for Telecom | Water | Electricity | Gas (Mapping using High resolution Satellite imagery)

Application Development

Artificial Recharge using GIS techniques | Watershed study and DPR preparation | Village security action plan